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Tom Lehman 
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ART OF CHOICE: Pen & Ink and Watercolor

SHORT BIO: I have been drawing since i was a child. I can remember my mother giving me a pencil and paper to draw to keep me occupied in church when I was Five or Six years old. I have never lost the desire to create drawings, although I have gone through long periods of not creating art because of my work and life. When i retired i started putting more time into my artwork. I have usually worked in pencil or pen and ink. About six years ago i did and ink drawing of and old door on an abandoned house. That drawing sparked an interest in old structures and items and the use of pen and ink. Since then i have fully embraced the medium of pen and ink. My subject material remains old barns, buildings, farms, and objects.

I am now also starting to experiment with watercolor and

look forward to becoming proficient in that medium also.

I look at my work as stated on my business card...

"Saving the past in black and white and sometimes with a little color."

As about the uniqueness of my work, every artists is unique  even if they study the same subject. We all see and interpret things from our own point of view.

Pat Wietholter


My work is a labor of love to the people of America, and more specifically, to the people who have taken on the mantle of preserving the legacy of the rural American lifestyle.  It is my belief that our rural roots hold a direct pathway to the Biblical foundation that is our nation’s most valuable resource and treasure.  To lose sight of the Christian values our country’s rural culture historically embraces would be unthinkable.

Terri Lynne

ART OF CHOICE: Watercolor

SHORT BIO: I love color and culture and I think it shows in my art. Being in my studio creating is one of my favorite places to be. I have not been formally trained in art but I have been drawing and painting most of my life. I encourage people to replace those prints on your walls that you bought at a store with original art. It can be very affordable, supports an artist doing what they love and creates character in your home. Plus, you never know, you could be buying a real future investment!

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