Riverside Art Center – Let your creativity flow!

Riverside Art Center (RAC) was founded to inspire creativity through the arts.

Located in beautiful & historic downtown Wapakoneta, Ohio, Riverside Art Center is home to a variety of art classes and exhibits for all ages.

We are a home for creative minds and improve lives through education, fellowship and personal accomplishment.

Our reason for existence is to give people a reason to be excited about the Arts!

Reasons the RAC Rocks:


We promote the Arts through programs held at the center and surrounding areas.


We offer memberships, benefits, classes, shows, lectures and demonstrations, as well as participating in several community-minded events each year.


We are open to citizens of all ages, and provide uplifting programs for children, the elderly and the handicapped.


The center is a venue for local member artists to work, attend classes, display and sell their art.


We want to help improve the image of our downtown community by being a positive and healthy influence on the general public.


We provide activities which attract people to Wapakoneta, which in turn, creates more commerce for the city.

What to do on our site:

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.Edgar Degas